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Murray Darling Wineries and Vineyards

The Murray Darling wine region boasts year round sunshine which in turn allows for the production of wines with ripe fruit flavours and softness. The region measures from the South Australian border, east to Balranald in NSW and winds itself along the Murray River. It comprises both sides of the Murray and parts of the areas surrounding the Murrumbidgee and Darling Rivers. The main growing areas include those around Mildura, Red Cliffs and Euston.


The climate is considered continental as it has a low rainfall and is hot and dry. This climate has helped make the Murray Darling become one of Australia's premier wine regions as it produces bulk table wines and fortifieds. There is a large variety of grapes grown in the region which are harvested late January to mid March. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon have emerged as the premier wines of this region however it also produces fortified varieties such as Colombard, Muscat Gordo Blanco and Semillon.

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