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The Granite Belt wine region lies on the New South Wales Queensland border and gains its name from its soil which is largely composed of granite. Stanthorpe is the main town of the region located on the Great Dividing Range at 750 metres above sea level.


The winters are cold and rainfall occurs mostly in the spring. These conditions make the region a prominent producer of stone fruits especially cherries and plums. Other fruits include apples, berries and pears which produce distinctive aromas and flavours to the wines. Chardonnay and Verdelho are the premier whites of the region with characteristic notes of apple, peach and pear. Merlot and Shiraz are the foremost reds of the region with flavours such as blackcurrant, cherry and plum.


The Italians were responsible for pioneering the wine industry in the 1920s. It is no surprise that the area is experienced in growing many varieties especially the Italian, Nebbiolo and Spanish Tempranillo. The region also produces a wide range of liqueurs and fortifieds.


Many of the wineries and vineyards in this boutique wine region have restaurants, cafes and cellar doors. On the menu is a mix of Italian, European and Modern Australian cuisines made from the regions exceptional fruits and fresh foods. Many of the wineries also offer accommodation so visitors can sleep beneath the vines.

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